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Final Destinations
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Watch Final Destinations (1990) : Full Movie Online Free Underneath this nice sleazy-looking box art that has absolutely nothing to do with the films, comes this cool & bizarre little Horror/Thriller anthology thingy called Final Destinations, featuring 4 different macabre tales with “the road” being a general theme, as they all have some driving or vehicles involved in the stories. Playing out like the Twilight Zone or a “Tales From... “ with plenty of black humor in the mix, they're all actually pretty interesting and quite well-made considering the small budgets I imagine the filmmakers were working with.

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Title Final Destinations
Release Date Jan 21, 1990
Genres ,
Production Company Platinum Productions
Production Countries United States of America
Casts Catherine Theobald, Fred Gartner, Eduard Erslovas, Dave Kost, Joe Margolis, Peter Ortell, Christopher Prestia, Todd Toon, Ron Linares, Susan Rinell, Kashi Way
May (segment
May (segment "Final Destinations")
Catherine Theobald
Earl Thorpe (Psycho)  (segment
Earl Thorpe (Psycho) (segment "Final Destinations")
Fred Gartner
First Mean Guy (segment
First Mean Guy (segment "Roadkill")
Eduard Erslovas
Other Mean Guy (segment
Other Mean Guy (segment "Roadkill")
Dave Kost
Headless Guy (segment
Headless Guy (segment "Roadkill")
Joe Margolis
Marvin (segment
Marvin (segment "Groovy Ghoulie Garage")
Peter Ortell
Ed (segment
Ed (segment "Groovy Ghoulie Garage")
Christopher Prestia
Rob Ghoulie (segment
Rob Ghoulie (segment "Groovy Ghoulie Garage")
Todd Toon
The Visitant (segment
The Visitant (segment "The Visitant")
Ron Linares
The Girl (segment
The Girl (segment "The Visitant")
Susan Rinell
The Boy (segment
The Boy (segment "The Visitant")
Kashi Way
The  Ghoul (segment
The Ghoul (segment "The Visitant")
Dory Forma
The Runner (segment
The Runner (segment "The Visitant")
Paul Bunnell
The Narrator (segment
The Narrator (segment "The Visitant")
Peter Renaday
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