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Brings the music world's biggest pop icons' unknown pasts to life with footage that the public has never seen, plus interviews with those special people who played integral roles in their development as artists and individuals, providing a rare glimpse at what they were really like. There's no such thing as overnight success - over time, like a jigsaw puzzle, pieces are added, small breakthroughs are made, and eventually the picture of a pop star begins to take shape. Driven traces that process from childhood to the first glimmer of stardom, through the eyes of those who knew the artist best and helped play pivotal roles in their development -- teachers, family members, friends, and creative partners. With each episode of Driven dedicated to a single artist, the show looks at the stars' blueprints for success and what propelled them to achieve it despite the obstacles that lay in their paths.

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Title Driven
First Air Date 10 Dec 2002
Last Air Date 21 Apr 2019
Genres Documentary,
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Networks VH1
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
2 11 Mary-Kate and Ashley Download Link
5 1 Green Day 29 Jun 2005 Download Link